Ukulele Facts
Ukulele is a Hawaiian word, roughly translated as "jumping flea".

Hawaiian ukulele tuning is GCEA.

The ukulele was originally introduced to Hawaii by the Portuguese.
Traditionally, the ukulele was handmade by Koa wood.

Before nylon strings, they used gut strings for ukulele.
Hyatt Regency Waikiki offers free ukulele lesson! Come and join!

Monday ~ Friday 10am to12pm

Ho'okela Hawaiian Heritage and Culture Center (Diamond Head Tower 2nd floor)

* Each lesson duration is 
  approximately 20-35 minutes.   
* No reservation necessary. First
   come, first serve.
* Schedule may be changed without

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Free Ukulele Lesson
Kala concert Ukulele
Above: Leolani Moonlight Ebony                        Concert ukulele

Right: Koaloha Pikake Concert ukulele 
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